SR 1428 – Congress Tallies Final Electoral College Vote

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SR 1428 – Congress Tallies Final Electoral College Vote

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the strength of American traditions.

Ever since Donald Trump’s election on Nov. 8th, fear mongering has run rampant across the American.

The Democrats were plotting to steal the electoral college vote, Obama was preparing a coup d’etat to prevent Trump from becoming our 45th President, ect., etcetera.

We told you none of this would happen – that cooler, wiser heads would prevail.

For those of you who think that the outcome on Friday was just luck, why don’t you sit back and enjoy the rituals of our constitutional republic implemented 227 years ago.

Hopefully, you’ll get a sense of why we were so sure our nation would begin a rather rapid healing process as our government returned to regular order of business at one minute after noon on January 20 – just 12 days from today, under President Donald J. Trump.

You’ll see just how weak the rabble-rousers in the Congress really are as President Obama’s own running mate, Joe Biden, gavels them down as they try time and time again to ignore the rules to try to impose their radical agenda.

America has seen it, they now understand it, and on election day they rose up like the sleeping giant that every true America is a part of, to put down this assault on our freedoms – freedoms secured by voluntary adherence of the rules of civil society, and the rule of law.

So let’s go to the video tape of last Friday’s Joint Session of the United States Congress.

The Joint Session takes place in the chamber of the House of Representatives because they have more seats than the Senate.

Incidentally, I wear this tie when reporting on important government functions involving Congress. I bought it in the Senate gift shop 37 years ago during the time when Jimmy Carter was president. I think it was $32 at the time. I could barely afford it.

At that time, I had a House & Senate press pass which gave me access to not only Congress, but the White House as well, where I covered Presidential Press conferences and arrival ceremonies for my newspaper, the Loudoun Monitor.

In Dec. of 1980, I was in the White House when President-Elect Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, first visited the White House and I took this picture – one my all-time favorites.

So, to me, this tie has symbolic meaning. It represents the continuity of self-governance of we, the people, by the rules and traditions of the United States Congress – the backbone of our republic.

You can see the pattern of my tie on the carpet .

The proceedings last Friday started when the two wooden ballot boxes containing the votes cast by the state electors were brought into the chamber.

Then the President of the U.S. Senate, Joe Biden, who is our current Vice President, entered the room. Mr. Biden’s job was to oversee the official tally of the votes.

Time and time again a small handful of extreme-leftist House members attempted to challenge the vote of the various states, but unless their complaint was signed by a single U.S. Senator, of which there are only 100 – as compared to the 435 voting members of the House of Representatives – unless at least one Senator signs the complaint, then it cannot be brought before the joint session of Congress for consideration.

Time and time again the #2 Democrat, Mr. Biden, gaveled down this small handful of rule-breakers. Biden was a U.S. Senator for 36 years. He knows the importance of the rules to guaranteeing a smooth transition of power as the political pendulum swings too and fro.

Each time, he patiently read from the rules that those rising in opposition to one state’s vote or another had to have at least one Senator sign the written complaint. None of the half-dozen leftists had a single Senator’s signature.

I cut out the center portion of the proceedings — which are just more of the same — in the hope that more people would be encouraged to view this process to its conclusion, because if more people saw it they would understand how rooted in tradition it was and it’s that tradition that keeps our Republic safe.

Finally Biden had had enough and gaveled down the rule breaker with the following:

“It’s over!” – the final punctuation mark to the most divisive presidential election in U.S. history. It’s over.

Notice that very few Democrats were actually in attendance. The Democrats sit on the far side of the chamber from this camera angle, which is on the left, or east side as one enters the chamber from the rear. The Republicans sit on the right, or west side of the House Chamber.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.