December 19, 2016 Bill Still

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SR 1409 – Is Carly Fiorina in Any Way a Conservative?

Good morning, I’m still reporting on SR 1409 – Is Carly Fiorina in Any Way a Conservative?
Good evening, I’m still reporting on Carly Fiorina.
This is the last in our series on Carly Fiorina. In the first report, we explored what’s in the record about her far left-wing past. In the second report we looked at her secret server and ordering it destroyed to possibly cover up her dealings at HP.
Now, let’s take a look at her stand on issues. She claims to be a conservative, but what does the record say?
Point number one: As we pointed out in Still Report #409, Fiorina has praised the most adept race hustler of our generation, Jesse Jackson.
Point number two: she supported the big Wall Street bailouts of the biggest banks; no surprise for a former CEO of a company that was dependent on big banks to keep rolling over their debt in order to keep their heads above water.  Point number three: she supported taxation of sales over the Internet.  Point number four: she supported Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor.  Point number five: her masters thesis advocated greater federal control of local education.  Point number six: she opposed California’s proposition 13 that dramatically cut property taxes and brought on an economic recovery period
Point number 7: Not only has she said that Roe versus Wade is a decided issue, but she has endorsed federal funding of embryonic stem cell research using “extra embryos”, the very initiative that eventually lead to the outright sale of baby body parts that she now rails against for her current political purposes.  Point number eight: she endorsed a California Dream Act which grants in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.  Point number nine: she supported Marco Rubio’s gang of eight amnesty plan for illegals.  Point number 10: she has endorsed cap & trade which would severely limit America’s ability to compete with other nations.
Point number 11: she did not support a government shutdown to stop Obama Care.  Point 12: She has contributed to Hillary Clinton and several Clinton foundation initiatives; but unlike Donald Trump, has never admitted it.  Point 13: she has called the core tenants of the Clinton global initiative: “The hope of this country.”  Point 14: she has been quoted several times as saying: “I have enormous admiration for Hillary Clinton.”
Point 15: she told the Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus last year, that in 2008 had not her buddy John McCain won the Republican nomination for president, she would have supported Hillary Clinton.
Bottom line: Carly Fiorina is further left then either of the Republican party’s leading turncoats, John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
I’m still reporting from Washington and Merry Christmas.