October 16, 2017 Bill Still

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Woman Guilty of Lying About Attack by Trumpers

According to anti-invasion activist, Pamela G_ll_r, 19-year-old woman hailing from the unmentionable invader clan, pled guilty to lying to police that she had been attacked on Dec. 1, 2016, by drunken supporters of Donald Trump on a New York subway. The story was quickly blown around the planet – as clear evidence of Trump supporters’ bais against the unmentionable invader clan. Yasmin Seweid said that the Trump lovers – whom she referred to as “pigs” attacked her on both the subway platform and in the train car while dozens of cowardly New Yorker witnesses sad idly by. Little did Yasmin realize that since Sept. 11, 2001, most platforms and train cars are equipped with surveillance video and no videos corroborated her story. None of the big New York papers went after the story. They simply ran with Yasmin’s allegations. However, in Friday’s New York Daily News it was revealed that Yasmin has just copped a plea of falsely reporting an incident and disorderly conduct. Apparently, Yasmin made up the story as an excuse for returning to her place of residence later than the proscribed time.. Although getting to the truth is always a victory, Yasmin’s punishment seems small indeed – 6 months of counseling and 3 days of community service. If she fulfills those terms, the false report charge will be dropped. I’m still reporting from capitol of the free-speech world. Good day.