October 20, 2017 Bill Still

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Who’s Afraid of YoBot?

Today, I was advised to be more careful how I construct my stories on certain twitchy topics. So please forgive me if I become a little more opaque in the future, but it’s either turn up the opacity, or face the dreaded de-money-fication from the YoBot. Why would Master YoBot do that? Because YoBot’s artificial intelligence can now construct a profoundly wise algorithm opinion on any topic known to human kind in only seconds. For example, YoBot has decided that the recent in-mass termination of folks of a particular political persuasion in front of his giant black pyramid in the City of Lights was conducted by a single demented person who, unfortunately, has passed away by his own hands – a single gunshot to the heart, followed up for good measure by another single gunshot into the mouth. Therefore, he cannot be either questioned or lauded. I’ve been told that no dissent will be tolerated on this matter, but foolishly dare to nibble at the edges of YoBot’s mighty hand. If I wish to thrive, I would only study YouBot’s opinions on all things, and then, have them become my guiding star. Tucker Carlson dared to have something to say about this tonight: [insert] Eye of Newt weighed in on the matter in particular.