What’s Up With Jeff Sessions?, 1836

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What’s Up With Jeff Sessions?

Towards the end of her show last night, Judge Jeanine Pirro brought on Rep. Ron DeSantos of Florida, and grilled him about whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions was really doing his job. [insert] Now, a very frustrated Judge Jeanine shows the huge flaw in the thinking DeSantis is attributing to Sessions and his crew at Justice: [insert] Judge Jeanine gives up and moves on and here she gets a huge nugget if information at the very end, but probably doesn’t realize it: [insert] Did you hear that, Imran’s wife is going to testify against her husband. That could get very interesting. However, the bottom line on Jeff Sessions? I hate to say it, but he’s not doing the job Trump sent him to do. Whether he’s too scared to take them on, or he’s compromised, doesn’t matter. For whatever reason, he just isn’t strong enough to do the job and so, sadly, he has to go.