October 20, 2017 Bill Still

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Tucker - There’s Dishonesty in Here Somewhere

Tucker Carlson is the best reporter in TV journalism. He’s prudently cautious, but relentless when he sees the government being involved in deceiving the public. This is obviously true to anyone who has followed the tangled web of pronouncements from the FBI in Las Vegas, and it obviously troubled Sheriff – troubled because he knows he’s having to dispense information that is – less than the truth. Tucker and columnist Mark Stein have a sometimes hilarious and sometimes tragically serious discussion of yesterday’s so-called interview of Vegas security guard, Jesus Campos, and Mandalay Bay engineer, Stephen Schuck on Ellen DeGeneres’s afternoon talk show. [insert] By the way, there is a great new report from Citizens-4-Integrity on the Las Vegas mass shooting. Although I can’t agree with a few of their conclusions – I think their conclusions about the helicopter are wrong because they think it was much closer to the hotel than it obviously is. But other than that, this is THE best accumulation of the fast-moving events surrounding this incident around. These folks have done a great service to humanity. For example: Its conclusion is that there were at least two guns involved – on assault type rifle that shot only 6 rounds/second, and a heavier machine gut that pumped out fire at nearly twice that rate. They also ask very common-sense questions: Why were there so many weapons – 23 by some accounts? “If he were going to commit this type of crime alone he likely would have brought 4-5 weapons at the most. More than that would complicate planning, not be needed, and would only increase the chance of being caught.”