Tucker on YouTube

November 9, 2017 Bill Still

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Tucker on YouTube

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Tucker on YouTube, 1876 Synopsis: As you may have noticed, I started signing off every report with, “I’m still reporting from the one-time, free-speech capital of the world.” Why? Because YouTube took a hard tilt to the left at some point in its growth cycle and seems to have no intention of returning to its potential – the greatest political force in the world. That’s what I used to call it because they made an effort to be fair and neutral. No longer. Somewhere back there in its evolution they took a turn down a dark path of anti-Americanism that was entirely predictable seeing as how 100% of their new hires come from the Bay area, and thereby have no allegiance formative values of the United States. If the leadership of YouTube – and I hope you are watching – wants to return to the path of civilizational greatness once again, the only remedy is to fire all your first-line truth detectors and move the entire truth detection bureau to – oh, let’s say Alabama, or Texas, or even Florida – someplace where they get a little more sun. And I’m absolutely serious about this. Fortunately, Tucker Carlson is on this story: [insert] I disagree with Dennis Prager. They can’t announce that, because leftist bias is the problem, and the sooner everyone accepts that, the sooner the people will start demanding a legislative solution, and Google is the #1 contributor to the swamp – the K-street lobbyists that buzz around Congress in ever-increasing numbers. And it’s not ok to not strive for fairness when you have an effective monopoly on the dissemination of information via home-made videos created by we, the little people. Newspapers, you have a choice. Broadcast TV channels, you have a choice. This is not like Coca-Cola, where Pepsi came along and so all of suddenly had choice in the way we acidified our bodies, ruined our teeth and eventually brought on cancer. We don’t have a choice in how we create video content. Why? Because YouTube is tied in with Google Ad-Sense and so people’s financial lives, and thereby their very existence become absolutely dependent on YouTube. When you harness a first-in, high-tech business to a way for the little people to make our livings – and then when you mandate that only one political persuasion will be favored, that is nothing more than a high-tech propaganda machine. We can’t just jump over to the Pepsi version of YouTube, because we can’t make money there. This is a new kind of monopoly; one that has to be defined, and somehow forced to return to fairness, or somehow encourage, then tolerate effective competition.



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