Tucker Carlson – What To Do About Terror

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Tucker Carlson – What To Do About Terror

Although the MSM still will hardly acknowledge that there is a problem with terror – as Tucker is about to point out. However, the leaders in the non-MSM media are now starting to wrestle with what is the most effective solution to support considering the position we are in today.

This is a war. We have to face it. We are in another world war.

Of course, any general would tell you that the low-hanging fruit of the solution would be to remove George Soros from this battlefield. In the chess world, this would be called the next-best-move.

Soros is at least the public face of the funding of the invasion. For example, although Hungary is blocking the primary land route out of the Middle East into Europe – and God bless Viktor Orban for that – Soros is the one funding the NGO’s that are bringing boatloads across the Mediterranean, for example.

Why hasn’t something been done about the person who is the most-easily-identifiable conduit for much of the importation of this invasion of Europe – and probably into the U.S. as well?

This is a war. This is no longer strictly in the realm of politics and polite debating societies. In fact, if we lose this war, civilization – that is, civilized society – will be gone.

We will be ruled by a culture-of-death disguised as a theocracy. If they win, there will be no democracy. There will be no populist political revolts in the future.


What would you call a group who is responsible for providing accurate numbers to the American people, but who do not do so in order to further undermine civil society? I’d call them traitors, and their actions would be called treason.


Bravo, Tucker. You are speaking the truth. But why haven’t we heard this before? Because the MSM is still caught in the clutches of political correctness. “We are all inclusive. We are the World, Nations without borders, etc., etc.

These are the Soros-financed globalists – the ones that are the sworn enemies of American populist freedom.

So, what to do about it? Here’s Tucker’s prescription – to sum it up for those pressed for time – find a way to only import people who won’t become litterbugs.

No, I’m not being snarky – at its root, the success of America is deep down we believe in the Social Contract – that this nation can only succeed if we all believe in it and pitch in to do whatever we can to help it – and the essence of that is we need to keep our environment clean, neat, and tended to – just like we would keep our homes. Everyone has to be willing to pitch in to help this great experiment in human freedom succeed, or it will surely fail”