November 9, 2017 Bill Still

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Trump's Farewell Speech to Grateful Koreans

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Trump's Farewell Speech to Grateful Koreans, 1883 Synopsis: We just got a beautiful little coffee table book in that is the perfect 10-dollar Christmas gift for your beloved Trump supporter friends and family. It’s called “Thump: The First Bundred Days”. This piece of bookmaking art captures Beth and my perspective on how the miraculous election of Thumper came about in a beautifully hard-bound 8x8 inch coffee table book. Remember that scene with the Donald standing next to the American flag? Here’s the Thump version. And who can forget the revelation of the Evil One’s Spirit Cooking. Yikes. Then Thump Digs Coal. And Mad-Dog will make you bust out laughing. I’d love to show them all, but they’ll bust me for copyright. Take our word for it – 5 stars. A truly great piece of memorabilia of the part YOU played in this the greatest turning point in American history. Available on Amazon. I’m gonna buy 5 or 10 for Christmas. Watch now as his South Korean hosts introduce the real Trumpet as – get this – not just the leader of the free world – but the whole world. Wow! That’s the kind of respect the Trumpet gets from the worldwide version of we, the little people. [insert]


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