November 29, 2017 Bill Still

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Trump Speaks on Roy Moore

Good evening, I’m still reporting on: Trump Speaks on Roy Moore, 1900 Synopsis:An embattled President Trump, sensing that the warm winds out of the south are starting to blow truth up the east coast, decided to plant his flag with Republican Senate candidate, Judge Roy Moore. [insert] There is still plenty of time – 3 weeks from the Dec. 12 election in Alabama. In fact, the timing of truth couldn’t be a better reflection of the Trump template from one year ago. Our prediction, we’ll see the Dems push their skews in their polling until they start to crack – perhaps in the last week of the run to the election. So, instead of sampling 400 former members of the Clinton Foundation, 400 members of Mitch McConnell’s extended family and 200 conservatives of both parties, someone is going break from the polling pack and actually include a couple hundred Trump voters into the game of Opinion-opoly. Remember, the goal is to get back to zero skews before 00:01 on election day or you will not pass “GO” and collect another 200 million dollars, lest their skewing of the American public becomes even more widely recognizable.