June 4, 2017 Bill Still

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Trump Saves the Day – Again!, 1659

Synopsis: After weeks of rumors that Ivanka may have persuaded him to take some halfway measure, President Donald Trump announced a full-bore withdrawal from the most disastrous of the international agreements – the Paris Climate Accord.

The origins of the accord go back to the original Kyoto Protocol in 1997 which was engineered by Vice President Al Gore. It was so blatantly anti-American that it was rejected by the US Senate in a 99 to 0 vote.

Why would any American support such a deal? As Newt Gingrich wrote today:

“The Left’s erroneous guilt about American success makes them eager to give away American money as a misguided atonement.

“The Chinese, Indians, and others are not stupid. If American liberals want to pay them billions in 'guilt money,' they will take it. If American liberals want to cut economic deals at environmental meetings that cripple American workers and aid foreign economies, they are happy to play along.”