July 31, 2017 Bill Still

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Trump Must Back Up His Threat to Mueller

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Trump Must Back Up His Threat to Mueller, 1719
Synopsis: On Wednesday, President Trump threatened special counsel Robert Mueller with dismissal if he strayed away from the all-too-bogus Russia collusion investigation and over into his family’s financial dealings – an unprecedented, open-ended witch hunt.
The very next day – yesterday – Mueller did just that – called Trump’s bluff. So far, the only sound out of the White House has been that they are changing Press Secretaries.
I’m sure tonight, the President is mulling over his options, but as I see it, there is only one option. He is now backed into a corner.
If he doesn’t fire Mueller – and that means Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as well – he will forever be tagged with the same scarlet letter that President Obama so richly deserved for trying to bluff President Assad of Syria.
If the President doesn’t follow through, then he risks stalwart supporters across the Trump spectrum. They are contacting this report every day now, threatening dire political consequences unless Trump takes the bold action he promised.
So let’s look at the other political - and potentially criminal consequences if he does not act. Mueller has stacked the deck against Trump. This group of Clintonistas need scalps to justify their multi-million-dollar existence. The President will not escape unscathed.
The Comey/Meuller/Rosenstein axis is doing the direct bidding of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. There is no other reasonable way to assess this.
Their job is to attempt to drum up enough smoke to at least get a few votes for impeachment, but the real game is to wound the President sufficiently to squeeze in a Democrat into the Oval Office in 2020. It wouldn’t take much – just a cleaner candidate that Hillary Clinton would go a long, long way. But ramping up their efforts with propaganda polls, additional voter fraud, and the even-more pernicious election fraud would certainly seal the deal unless you move to squash this illegal rebellion.
But just from the personal angle, President Trump, you and/or your loved ones will for sure pay a hefty price if this Clinton-driven besmirchment gambit is allowed to exist one day longer.
Mr. President, if you fail to win re-election, we lose just as much as you do. We voted for you and supported you with every ounce of our strength in an attempt to put down once and for all the Clinton Crime Syndicate – the richest and most powerful ever to exist in these United States.