November 9, 2017 Bill Still

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Trey Gowdy Slams Mueller Over Leaks

Synopsis: Rep., Trey Gowdy, now chairman of the House Oversight Committee, the most powerful investigative committee in the House of Representatives, appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace last week and slammed Special Counsel Robert Mueller over the continued stream of illegal leaks from Mueller’s investigation. But Gowdy also seemed to still agree with the discredited notion that the Podesta emails were not leaked by a DNC insider, but stolen remotely by the Russians. Gowdy said that he has spoken to Mueller only once and he stressed the importance that officers in the justice system obey the laws. [insert] When the rule-of-law upholders are not upholding the rule of law, then we are left with the law of the jungle, and that is not what made Western civilization great. Personally, I think all other investigations should be brought to an immediate halt until this willful and cancerous propensity for blatant disregard for the truth is routed out of our justice system – and Mueller’s operation should be the first stop! Wallace then asked in essence if Gowdy thought Mueller’s investigation would eventually be able to snare the President, himself. [insert, “One thing I don’t ….] Wallace then asked Gowdy if he thinks Mueller should resign due to conflict of interest allegations. [insert: “I don’t ….}


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