July 31, 2017 Bill Still

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Top FBI Lawyer Investigated As Leaker

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Top FBI Lawyer Investigated As Leaker, 1725
Synopsis: The General Counsel for the FBI, James A. Baker, - is under investigation by the Justice Dept. for leaking classified national security information to the media, according to a story filed list night by Sara Carter of Circa news.
Three sources told Sara Carter that Baker is the top suspect in an ongoing DOJ leak investigation that Attorney General Jeff Sessions mentioned yesterday. Sessions said that he would be making an announcement soon on the leaks from the intelligence community.
Baker joined the Office of Intelligence Policy and Review in 1996. This is the government agency that handles all surveillance authorizations and advises all major intelligence-gathering agencies on legal issues regarding surveillance.
In 2014 he was appointed General Counsel of the FBI by Director Jim Comey – the FBI’s top lawyer - and worked closely with him until Comey’s firing on May 9th.
Baker would have been in the perfect position to have access to all signals intelligence traffic and certainly was responsible for sharing that highly-classified information with Comey.
We’ll learn more when we hear from Attorney General Jeff Sessions next week.