Tom Fitton on the Firing of Jim Comey

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Tom Fitton on the Firing of Jim Comey

One of the most dangerous lessons learned in the past year has been how vulnerable the rule of law is to a deliberate attack on it.

The Clinton cabal realized that it could get away with anything as long as they tried to get away with everything – all at once. Suddenly the rule of law crumbles because it is overwhelmed by the complete lawlessness of a well-connected politician who uses the ultimate political weapon of picking off their most dangerous detractors one by one.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this town has had a dark cloud of fear of the Clinton crime syndicate since the murder – no it was not a suicide – of Vince Foster.

This has now gone far beyond one person’s misdeeds. It’s an all-out assault on the very basis of American freedom – the rule of law in a Constitutional republic – by those who seek to create a dictatorship with them at the top of the pile.

This is not an exaggeration. This is an existential test the likes of which this nation has not faced since the American Civil War.
I believe Tom Fitton knows all this — and more — and he comes close to saying it without going off the deep end as I am wont to do.

But you can see it, brewing just under the concern on his face. He is doing what he does best in the spot he is in, just as we are doing our best in our spot.
That’s all a good God can expect from us mortals.


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