January 26, 2017 Bill Still

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SR 1450 – Stop the Dem’s Block of Trump’s Cabinet Picks

Good morning, I’m still reporting on Trump.

In Donald Trump’s Inaugural address he said :

“Today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another but we are transferring power from Washington, DC and giving it back to you the American People.”

I have been decrying the abdication of power of we, the people, for a long time.  I wrote a blog in which I admonished people to be more active in letting their Senators and Representatives know what we think.

Many people have told me it does not do any good.  Well, how do they know?

One thing is certain, the members of Congress who are supposed to be looking out for us have no idea what we want from them if we don’t speak out!!!

Far too often we only speak out when we are upset about something they have already done as opposed to telling them which way we want them to vote BEFORE hand.

During last week’s confirmation hearings I was in a Senator’s office waiting for some paperwork.  The aid answering the phone was assuring people that he would let the Senator know what they were saying.

I was there for 20 minutes and he must have taken a dozen calls. I looked down and he was keeping a tally of calls. He was marking down yay and nay votes and keeping track of where the people were from.

I have been told this before by people in  House of Representatives office.   They tally the yay and nay votes on an issue and present it to the member of Congress.

As I have been listening to the confirmation hearings I have heard the Senators say that they had heard from their constituents a concern about thus and so.

Sean Spicer in his Press Briefing on Tues. Admonished the Democrats to stop slow walking the confirmation hearings, noting that in Obama’s first term 7 members of his cabinet were confirmed on day one.  Trump had two confirmed on day one.  Spicer also said that 12 were confirmed in Obama’s first week.  To date Trump has had 4 confirmed and it was announced yesterday that there would be no more hearings until next week.  There was an interesting exchange between Chuck Schumer and Tom Cotton on this matter.  Tom Cotton complained to Schumer that he was going back on his word when he stated earlier that they would not hold up confirmation hearings.  Chuck said, where were you 8 years ago when we were trying to get Obama’s appointees confirmed?

To which Senator Cotton replied, 8 years ago I was getting my ass shot at in Afghanistan, don’t ask me where I was 8 years ago. “  you can see Ed Henry’s  report on that exchange here, I have been unsuccessful in obtaining video of the actual exchange.

Part of the reason for this is the Republicans are attending a one day retreat this week.

We have watched the Republicans cave to the Democrats again and again and they seem to be still doing so.

Since Trump gave this country back to We the People it is important that we use our voices and speak out.  It is vital that we flood the Senate phones and emails with an admonishment to both parties to confirm the nominations quickly.

All this is doing is slowing down the vital work that needs to be done in order to turn this country around and make Trump look ineffective.

I am asking every one watching this broadcast to call your Senators whether Republican or Democrat and urge them to confirm Trump’s nominees.  We the People must do our part to help Trump get his agenda through.  We can not sit back and watch.

He has an aggressive agenda and will need our support on every issue.

I have a link to the information on the confirmations of Obama’s nominees to the Cabinet.  Sean said 12 were confirmed in the first week, and seven the first day, by my count it was 11 the first week – there was one person confirmed on Jan. 29 and I think that person is counted among the 12.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

Sen. Tom Cotton – Sen. Chuck Schumer confrontation on Senate floor

Obama Cabinet Nominations – 2008-2014