July 10, 2017 Bill Still

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Shock! Most Europeans Agree With Trump!

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Shock! Most Europeans Agree With Trump!, 1703
Synopsis: This is one of those in-depth Tucker Carlson pieces that you may have missed from last night that will knock your socks off.
The latest polling shows that a majority in many European nations agree with Donald Trump’s policies over those espoused by the elites and trumpeted ad nauseam over their own MSM propaganda outlets.
And we’re talking about the big main political issues – the invasion, building walls to stop the invasion, and even global warming. The conclusion – Trump is not imposing his views on the world – Trump is just accurately representing the views of the average person – and not just in the U.S.
So, this is a hidden propaganda war. The overseers of this world control the world MSM through their debt-based economic systems in order to hide the truth. But the freedom of the Internet is allowing people of the world to think for themselves and they are deciding there is truth in this populist message.
And so, the prediction is that the overseers are now losing this battle for hearts and minds, and the populists – worldwide – are winning.
The inevitable result will be more and more populists rising up in their sovereign nation states and winning elections – and eventually, the demise of the debt money system, a return to the importance of sovereign nation states, a return to an honest news media funded by and operating for the benefit of we, the people, and most importantly, a faith-based civil society where the latest barbarian outrage is not the main news item of the day.