December 27, 2017 Bill Still

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The Shape of a Plot is Emerging, 1951


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Good evening, I’m still reporting on: The Shape of a Plot is Emerging, 1951 Synopsis: There is no doubt that history just a few years from now will judge both the Clintons and the FBI’s collusion with the Clintons very harshly. The only question is how many of the principles will go to jail. The political posturing on the part of the Clinton Cabal will serve far into the future as the textbook case of what some have called “projection”, but I think a more illustrative term would be “mirroring” as in smoke & mirrors – the essence of political misdirection of public opinion by blaming your political opponent of the exact crimes that you, yourself, have committed. It creates confusion by deflection and reflection. Even the smart people on Fox News fall for it. You can see it in their commentary. They will say, isn’t it odd that the Clintons and the FBI are guilty of exactly what they tried to blame on Trump. Remember when Hillary Clinton said if she didn’t win, they would all be hung from the gallows. Exaggeration? Yes, but to highlight the gravity of the crimes they and the FBI were committing in the real collusion with the Russians.