October 20, 2017 Bill Still

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Seven Incredible, Unanswered Questions?

I’m still reporting on: Seven Incredible, Unanswered Questions?, 1821 Synopsis: As we hurtle towards the one-year anniversary of the surprise election of President Donald, it’s safe to say that the horrible mass termination in the City of Lights late last Sunday evening was driven by two nearly unstoppable forces – those who lost a lot with the Trumpet’s victory; and those who now make no secret about openly encouraging violence to somehow overthrow him and/or the revocation of the Amendment that guarantees a citizen’s right to keep and bear personal safety devices which rhyme with buns. The President and 1st Lady visited the injured survivors of the tragedy on Wednesday. I sincerely hope that they chose to speak to Clarke County Sheriff Joe Lombardo – in private! Since his press update last Wednesday, Sheriff Lombardo has not been seen in front of live TV cameras. Why? Because Sheriff Lombardo is an honest lawman – a straight-shooter who tells the truth. What did he say on Wednesday that got him in so much trouble? 1. That the photos taken inside the shooters-nest on the 32nd floor of the hotel that rhymes with “men delay” – were not supposed to get out to the public and breech was the subject of an internal investigation. 2. That the shooter wanted to survive. He was not interested in dying, himself. 3. The shooter had an escape plan and that he had seen the evidence of this. And you can’t survive an evil event like this without a really good escape plan. 4. That the shooter could not have acted alone. These last three items made headlines the world around. Why is he in trouble? And with whom? He’s in trouble because blurting out the truth – just like our current President – the Trumpet. Telling us that there was more than a lone gunman meant there was a conspiracy to pull off this complex, expensive and physically demanding vindictive public termination on a scale never before seen in this nation. And it doesn’t matter if there was only one killer or 10, he couldn’t have done this alone, and that is now out there. Those who want to cover up what really happened can now never get that genie back inside its opaque bottle. Try as they might, the MSM will never credibly be able to claim that he acted alone.