October 23, 2017 Bill Still

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Secret Service Guy Now Skeptical

Tucker Carlson had Dan Bongino, former NYPD and Secret Service agent on last night to discuss the latest with the Oct. 1 incident. A Clarke County, Nevada judge has ordered MGM International to preserve all evidence surrounding the shooting from the Mandalay Bay hotel for fear that MGM is now orchestrating everything about post-shooting events to its benefit and things we normally see after crimes like this is all the security camera footage, of which there is no doubt was plentiful, and since we haven’t seen it, it can’t support this ludicrous timeline they keep adjusting to best suit their needs. [insert] Once again, focusing on the motives of Steven Paddock tends to ignore blaring evidence of at least two shooters, and possibly two more on the ground, and that apparently there was another person in Paddock’s room that evening as evidenced by two dinner plates on the service cart on the hallway next to his room. This may have been the person dressed as a security person later spotted being chased by other security personnel through the adjoining casino after the crime. But you have to give Tucker credit, he’s the only TV news personality still covering this event and its strange timeline and dozens of questions that don’t add up. In my opinion, both Tucker and his guest are playing this waaayy on the conservative side lest the story gets spiked all together and disappears from TV land all together. [insert] Unfortunately, it’s obviously not nonsense, because it is the only answer that even comes close to making sense. Bongino has come a long way in how he views this crime. A week ago, he was totally buying the LVPD/FBI version. Now, his detective’s deductive training has shown him that you can’t paste these pieces together and get a sensible picture no matter how hard you try. — Support Our Sponsors: