November 1, 2017 Bill Still

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Sebastian Gorka: Lock Up!

Like most conspiracies, the big lie is defended to the end and seems impregnable: [insert Hillary] Then, suddenly it all falls apart – in this case, in a single day. The truth is starting to explode into the MSM, with even the New York Times claiming they were lied to. Washington DC insider now believe that the Republican donor that initially financed the specious Trump dossier while the Republican candidates fought it out over the Republican nomination for president was former Florida governor Jeb Bush. That would explain why George W. Bush came out harshly against Trump in Houston at what was supposed to be only a fundraiser for flood victims – because they knew this was about to come out into the open, and so he was lashing out attacking Trump as though that would soften the blow his brother was about to take later this week. Former presidential national security advisor, Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Fox News attorney Greg Jarrett tick off the crimes Hillary Clinton will probably spend the rest of her life answering for in one legal proceeding or another.