October 20, 2017 Bill Still

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Sabato’s Crystal Ball Predicts Big Gains for Trump

, I’m still reporting on: Sabato’s Crystal Ball Predicts Big Gains for Trump, 1840 Synopsis: Univ. of Virginia Prof. Larry Sabato, predicts huge gains for Republicans in next year’s election in the critical U.S. Senate. These gains will be so big that they will give President Trump a huge advantage going into his re-election bid in 2020. Sabato, whose Crystal Ball website gained huge fame in past years as the nation’s best at predicting the outcome of Presidential races, was shattered last year by its failure to recognize fake polls and Trump’s Monster vote. Sabato’s first prediction for the coming election is that the Democrats will gain some seats in the House of Representatives, but not enough to regain a majority. However, the Dems could easily lose as many as 10 or 11 seats in the Senate – a total disaster that would give a filibuster-proof majority to Trump’s Republicans, and drastically weaken the power of rogue Republican Senator, John McCain. [insert] Sabato now admits that the fake polls did not accurately predict the size of the Monster Vote that came out for candidate Trump to put him over the top, and says that these fake polls have not gone away, and it appears they won’t return to honesty any time soon. As Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie put it last week: “These days, polls are no longer designed to predict the outcome of elections; they are designed to manipulate the outcome of elections.” [insert] I don’t really think Hillary is a serious threat. She fell today in the UK, and broke a toe. Three years from now, no amount of desperate desire to be the first female president of the New World Order will be able to keep her ambulatory enough to campaign. However, who knows - maybe Follywood can create a computer graphics, artificially-intelligent version of Hillary that is convincing enough to just make appearances on TV and still win the Democratic primaries and convention. That way, she could literally become the immortal candidate – losing time after time in torturous perpetuity.