November 29, 2017 Bill Still

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It’s Over! Roy Moore Will Win!

Synopsis: A new opinion survey, released just hours ago shows that Roy Moore’s polling numbers are climbing again. He now leads his far-left-leaning Democrat opponent by 6 points. The poll was taken by Atlantic Media and Research between last Saturday and Tuesday - before news of President Trump’s semi-endorsement of Roy Moore. It surveyed 623 voters who were “very likely” or “definitely” would be voting in the Dec. 12 election. All calls were made by live operators. 27% of the sample were identified as African-American. Moore leads 43-37. Both candidates have high negatives. Democrat Doug Jones leads Moore in the favorable/unfavorable race. Roy Moore has a favorable rating of 31% and an unfavorable rating of 39%. However, the Democrat has a 32% favorability rating and 35% unfavorable. However, 88% of Jones’ unfavorable are voting for Moore, only 75% of Moore’s unfavs are voting for Jones. That’s a 13% swing. The poll concluded by saying that the worst is over for Moore and that his conservative voters are trending back in his direction. “Jones’s leftist agenda, including his strong and passionate advocacy for late-term abortions, has defined him as a radical extremist out of touch with Alabama voters.” “Once Thanksgiving and the Iron Bowl are out of the way, Alabamians will begin focusing on this race with scandal allegations fading in the rear-view mirror. “If Jones isn’t leading now, there is no way he is going to come back once the race returns to issues. “Alabama is just too conservative a state to elect a radical pro-abortion extremist, even over a controversial candidate hated by the national party.“