November 28, 2017 Bill Still

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Roy Moore Fundraising Soars

Wealth365 Summit - Largest Online Financial Conference, Jan. 15-20. SIGN UP NOW! Call them at: 262-299-6200; or Go to: to register for FREE. Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Roy Moore Fundraising Soars, 1895 Synopsis: Fundraising for Judge Roy Moore skyrocketed last week as his latest attacker has not turned over her high school annual for professional handwriting analysis. The reason, of course, is because it is a total fraud. Judge Moore never signed it. According to campaign chairman Bill Armistead: “We have raised more in the last six days online than the total raised online since the runoff Sept. 26.” Despite the fact that Judge Moore has had RNC and NRSC funding cut off thanks to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, fundraising has topped six figures for several days in a row, putting Democrats that Moore is back in the race. Although some pollsters still show Moore’s Democrat opponent, Doug Jones, with a slight lead, no doubt, that is because they are still skewing their polls to try to influence of the race, rather than honestly report on shifts in public sentiment. The election will be held on Dec. 12. You can rest assured that in the last few days of this race, the results will shift in favor of Judge Moore dramatically as the unfair skews currently still being applied to make it appear that the Democrat is in the lead, will be gradually taken away so that in the end the pollsters won’t be too, too embarrassed by the results. Of course, the MSM will pretend until Dec. 13 that they never heard about the destruction of Moore’s accuser’s fabricated accusations. No, the MSM will beat the drum for the Democrat to the end. Here’s a good example from yesterday’s Daily Mail which is breathlessly covering events for all the anti-Trumpers in the UK: “Progressive pastors say Roy Moore unfit for US Senate.” Well, yesterday dozens – yes DOZENS of so-called “progressive pastors” signed a letter saying Moore is unfit to serve. So “dozens” might mean – let’s say - 13 pastors. But guess how many churches there are in all of Alabama? 12,833.


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