November 28, 2017 Bill Still

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Roy Moore Accuser’s Story Destroyed!

Synopsis: Desperate Democrats attempts to smear Judge Roy Moore took a serious hit last week with the revelation that their leading accuser, Beverly Nelson’s Delbra Adams’s only piece of evidence of a relationship with Moore was a high school annual that she claimed he signed. Even troubled attorney Gloria Allred could not answer questions convincingly about the authenticity of the signature, nor would she give the annual up for professional examination by forgery experts. Case closed on Beverly Nelson. So today, the desperate Dems fell back to Judge Moore’s first accuser, Leigh Corfman as their star witness. We had not bothered to expose her in the past because her story is so weak. Corfman appeared on … NBC today to the delight of Dems and never Trumpers who lauded her performance afterwards for its credibility. [insert] But Corfman has led a troubled past. She has claimed that several pastors at various churches made sexual advances to her over the years. According to the Gateway Pundit, she has been divorced 3 times and filed bankruptcy 3 times and has been charged with multiple misdemeanors. According to The Star: “She says that her teenage life became increasingly reckless with drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt when she was 16.” — Support Our Sponsors: - Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. Go to: