Roger Stone Blasts Net Censorship Campaign by Big Social Media

May 7, 2017 Bill Still

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Roger Stone Blasts Net Censorship Campaign by Big Social Media

Roger Stone Blasts Net Censorship Campaign by Big Social Media


Good morning, I’m still reporting on the invasion.


An important part of the overall strategy to destroy western civilization as we know it is to silence the multitude of independent news sources that the openness of the Internet has allowed to flourish.


These decentralized news sources are both a blessing and a curse. They are a blessing in that they can report news that the big news sources have not yet recognized the importance of; but they can also be a curse because it is difficult for the average person to judge their reliability – other than one’s personal memory of who has been right most of the time.


But, in a time when leftist fascism now nakedly attempts to curtail speech from all but those who will preach the destruction of civil society, in particular, and the West, in general, the American public is well-advised to seek alternate news sources while they still exist because something is happening here that is making our founding fathers quake from their heavenly seats.


On Friday, elite politico, Roger Stone, fearlessly blasted the big three of social media, Google, Facebook & Twitter, for their overt censorship consortium.


The entire playing field has been tilted, with the complicity of the major social media platforms and search engines engaging in the overt censorship of material considered ‘fake’ or ‘offensive’.”


“Who decides what is fake and/or offensive? As per the new “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” (CDPA), The Center for Information Analysis and Response does, with the help of generous amounts of grant money showered on leftist, liberal, or establishment mouthpieces like, factcheck dot org, and Media Matters.”


How have we allowed these big-Tech, far left goliaths attain their dominant, monopolist position?


As Stone aptly explains:


“For decades, there wasn’t sufficient concern that venture capital was being expended almost exclusively by the Left on companies run by the Left. Once established, many of the largest of these companies then began a symbiotic relationship with the Deep State, which allowed them to grow into the juggernauts they are today.”


“Facebook, Twitter, Google and their property YouTube have all but locked-up social media interactions on the Internet. The old Anti-trust description fits most appropriately: Monopolies. As monopolies, these left leaning organizations can tilt public discourse in directions of their choosing via a variety of nefarious yet hidden methods.”

Yup! The tech left is seeking to restore an iron-clad media monopoly over the news coverage the majority of the American people have access to. New boss, same as the old boss.


“They seek to restore the mainstream media monopoly on the dissemination of political information at the same time crushing the vibrant and robust alternative media which allowed for the election of Donald J Trump,” said Stone.


“Facebook, and Twitter specifically have violated their own stated SEC reported corporate charters. Both promise free and open platforms. Both are provably false. Google makes no such promises, but their de facto monopoly on search has given them a powerful position with which to abuse, and abuse they have.”


Stone believes that their one mistake is the same mistake every fascist dictatorship makes; they become arrogant; they refuse to recognize the danger of displaying their tactics of repression so openly that they become overwhelmingly obvious.


“The Tech Left made a huge gamble, and they lost.”

“Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all of the tools of the Globalist media need to be investigated for violations of antitrust provisions in the US Code.”


“Liberals should not be allowed to use their control of publicly necessary information utilities to force their agenda on an unwilling populace.”


I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.


I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.