Presidential Voter Fraud Panel Starts

June 30, 2017 Bill Still

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Presidential Voter Fraud Panel Starts

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on: Presidential Voter Fraud Panel Starts, 1692

Synopsis: Vice President Mike Pence yesterday had an organizational call with the new members of the election fraud panel that President Trump asked to be created.
The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity will meet for the first time on July 19 in Washington to investigate widespread reports of not only election irregularities throughout 2016, but in the previous presidential cycle as well.
On Monday, a Harrisonburg, Virginia a paid Democrat party worker pled guilty to registering dead people to vote. We reported on this story in report # 1230 on Oct. 2 of last year.
Andrew Spieles, aged 21, was caught registering the name of the deceased father of a Rockingham County Judge in a Democrat registration drive.
Spieles admitted that he created 18 fraudulent forms himself from data gleaned from Virginia Democratic Party “walk sheets”, but claimed that no one else participated in the crime. He will spend the next 6 months in jail.