November 1, 2017 Bill Still

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Oswald Linked to KGB Assassinations Bureau

#128, grassy knoll 2 – JFK: Grassy Knoll 2
Jackie climbs out of back -
SR 122 Black umbrella man –
SR 121 – JFK Ass. Myth – the Fed -

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Oswald Linked to KGB Assassinations Bureau, 1866 Synopsis: Good morning, I’m still reporting on the JFK Assassination. But before we get into the first juicy revelation from the newly-released Kennedy assassination release, this is just a reminder that we are running our fund raiser. The last we did this was in February, and the one before was Oct. 2016. Back in Feb., we had only 91,000 subscribers. Now, we have over 115,000. A year ago, we had only 51,000 subscribers. It’s just fortunate – God’s provision - that our private advertisers started growing about that time, because our advertising through YouTube has plummeted by 95% of what it was a year ago, as YouTube started trying to kill us off. And since we haven’t done a fundraiser since February, our recurrent donations have gradually slid to about half what they were. In short, without you all supplying a small recurrent paid subscription, we would no longer exist because of YouTube’s censorship by demonetization. What’s that? Demonetization is when YouTube blocks our ability to be paid for our reports by not allowing its ads to be run on reports with which it does not agree politically. This battle is ongoing, but may be about to return to a more neutral political stance because we think YouTube is realizing that they are coming out on the wrong side of the political argument. So, we are asking you, our faithful viewers, to go to Then scroll down to the bottom of this first screen and subscribe for whatever you are comfortable with. Equally good is to give via Patreon. Go to, then type in Bill Still. Look for me recording in Germany in the snow, and Molly in the bottom right. And we do take Bitcoin. See the address in the description box below this video window: 15WuQeDMYgpzFq4d6b16hzvXiphTU96dkm