October 19, 2017 Bill Still

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Orban Was Right – Merkel Re election Will Destroy Germany

Even the typically left-leaning European version of Politico now has to admit it; Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s unswerving determination to halt illegal immigration into his nation is becoming increasingly popular in European capitals and Orbán has become Europe’s political rock star #1. So much so that the chairman of the European Stability Initiative, Gerald Knaus, has just reluctantly acknowledged that: Last week, the European Union voted to bring its controversial refugee relocation scheme to an end on Sept. 28, but the damage is probably already cast in stone – except in eastern Europe. Orbán had refused to buckle under the EU’s threats of legal action and financial sanctions when he unilaterally built an iron-clad fence across the southern border of his nation that completely stopped the primary invasion route from Syria, through Turkey and Greece. Hungary’s historic best bud in Europe, Poland, supported Orbán’s approach from the start. Now, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have joined into what’s now known as the Visegrad Four, and they have made a serious impact on EU thinking. According to one senior EU official, speaking from Brussels, home of the European Parliament: “Nobody will admit it in this town, but yes, Orbán’s narrative is prevailing.” At the end of August, newly-minted French President Emmanuel Macron assembled the Big-4 leaders of the EU - France, Germany, Italy and Spain – to discuss the seismic shift in EU sentiment against German Chancellor Angel Merkel’s open-door immigration policy. The meeting was seen as a semi-desperate effort to head off Italy from dropping out of the EU all together. Since Hungary closed what’s known as the Western Balkan route last year, Italy has come under incredible pressure from the immigration influx. Boatlifts across the Mediterranean supported by dozens of do-gooder NGO’s – many supported by funding from staunch Orbán enemy and fellow Hungarian, George Soros - have ferried hundreds of thousands of migrants to Italy – a nation already nearing financial collapse from a mounting national debt crisis.