July 31, 2017 Bill Still

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NSA Cyber Spooks Stop the Coup

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on: NSA Cyber Spooks Stop the Coup, 1721
Synopsis: According to ZeroHedge, former NSA officials have verified the authenticity and accuracy of a new forensic cybersecurity report showing that there were two major breaches in the email server of the Democratic National Committee Headquarters, but neither were the result of hackers – in Russia, or elsewhere - both had to have been inside jobs.
The author of the forensic report was retired IBM Program Manager for Information Technology – U.S., Skip Folden. Other members of a group of retired intelligence community leaders have examined Folden’s report and agreed with his assessment, including William Binney, the former top technical expert within NSA.
The report destroys the very core of the Democrats insistence that President Trump colluded with the Russians to destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.
The two main findings that disprove the Russian hacker theory is #1, metadata extracted from the data dump shows exact time it occurred, including the time zone in which it occurred – Eastern Daylight time.
Secondly, the rate at which the data was downloaded from the DNC email server was far higher than any internet service provider offered in that area, that data rate could only be achieved by someone with admin access plugging into the DNC Local Area Network, or LAN, and dumping the data into a thump drive.
Very few people had the necessary admin access to DNC’s secure network. One of those with access would have been Seth Rich who had worked at the DNC for two years as the Voter Expansion Data Director. Rich was mysteriously shot in the back on July 6th, 2016.
The report, titled; “ ” asks why the FBI neglected to perform a similar analysis.
That’s right, no official cyber-forensic analysis was ever produced. The FBI just didn’t seem to be interested in this story.
Another interesting aspect of the report is that there were actually two different insider downloads of DNC data. The first one occurred before June 12, 2016 because that’s the day that Julian Assange announced that he had DNC documents and planned to publish them, which he did not do until July 22. This is the one which was likely done by Seth Rich.