October 19, 2017 Bill Still

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Nigel Farage - We Are Winning

Nigel Farage appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight last night to comment on yet another inane comment by the Islamist Mayor of London who compared President Trump to ISIS. That topic sparked the most hilarious piece of dry British humor of the evening: [insert] Then, the topic moved on to the German elections and Europe in general: [insert] Actually, the AfD went from zero seats during the last election to 94 seats this election and instantly became the 3rd-biggest party in Germany. The worst news for Merkel’s CDU party is that some of her sister party members – the CSU – may split from being in coalition with her. Worse still is that the labor party, the SPD, announced that it will no longer be in coalition with Merkel. Merkel is now starting to appear to be radioactive. Only the blind could not see that her all-in for completely open borders is quickly growing unpopular with the Germans. I mean, this is the biggest political shakeup in post-war Germany and any political group who ignores it continue to lose support. [insert] Nigel misspoke here and you can see Tucker frown as he tries to understand what is being said. Nigel meant that in the 1st round of the French presidential election, nearly 50% of the voters voted for candidates that openly supported sucessionism – that is, completely withdrawing France from the European Union. Also note that the reason the German labor party, the SPD, suffered a 40-seat loss in the Bundestag - its worst political defeat in the post-war period - was that their candidate – party leader Martin Schulz, was the former President of the European Parliament from 2012 until this year. Germany – the most important nation in the EU – very clearly spoke on Sunday and said, we do not want more European Union;