October 20, 2017 Bill Still

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NFL Surrenders to Trump

President Trump has scored another major victory in the war on his deep state opponents. As a result of the anti-American protests of our national anthem, in the last month the popularity of the NFL has dropped from 57% to 44%. TV ratings in the last month are down 8% from last season, and that’s a big move in TV terms. Today, President Trump ratcheted up the pressure on the NFL. According to Howie Kurt’s report this evening on Bret Biehr’s Special Report on Fox: [insert] The result, NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, caved: [insert] However, during week 2 of the protests, Jones was pictured taking a knee and locking arms with the protesting players during the anthem. Bottom line, another victory for Trump’s presidential approach. I’m still reporting from the one-time, free-speech capital of the world. Good day.