October 19, 2017 Bill Still

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Newt on the NFL

Part of the overall attack on President Trump is to attack the very foundation of our love of country. Such is the case with this NFL dustup. I’m so sick of this that I really don’t want to waste much breath on it, however…. First of all, this is really easy to solve. Just start pulling all the government financial support from teams that want to preach their new hate-America mantra. That includes billions for the building and renovations of their massive stadiums. As America begins to turn their backs on NFL football, a cascade of bad outcomes is inevitable. As the multi-millionaire players for those teams get cut as their franchises head for bankruptcy, they can absolutely have it their way and travel to exotic tourist destinations the world round to find new and exciting locations to play football. I’m thinking specifically about Afghanistan, Pakistan, perhaps Vietnam, China and North Korea. There, there will be a huge natural audience of folks who feel the same way about America as these pampered football brats do. Newt put it with his usual succinct-ticity on Hannity tonight. [insert]