November 1, 2017 Bill Still

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Networks May Cancel 10 Thursday Night Football Games

Oh, oh the NFL is starting to feel the heat in their pocketbooks. According to Breitbart, player protests during the National Anthem combined with the over-exposure of televised football, is hitting the networks’ pocket books fast and hard. Network executives are considering immediately slashing ten Thursday night football games from their schedules to save money. The idea to cut Thursday night games from 18, down to 8 was first reported by Breitbart in order to reverse crashing ratings. There other factors besides the player protests. Televised football - both college and professional - is becoming over-exposed. In the past 10 years, the number of pro games has risen by 22% and the number of college games has jumped by a whopping 71%. According to Mike Mulvihill, a Fox Sports vice president: “The rise in football availability is pretty dramatic. This is what drives fragmentation in every area of television. … You can argue whether there’s greater or lesser interest in the game of football than there was ten years ago. But clearly, whatever that interest is, it’s being spread out over quite a few more windows than it was ten years ago.” Despite a small rise in ratings in Week 7, ESPN’s Monday Night Football has plummeted 17% over 2015. That’s a big hit in ad revenue for the network. But ratings are down across the board. CBS is down 14 percent, and NBC is down a whopping 21%. I’m still reporting from the one-time, free-speech capital of the world. Good day.