July 31, 2017 Bill Still

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Mueller's New Lawless Prosecutor

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Mueller's New Lawless Prosecutor, 1720
Synopsis: In case anyone still thought Robert Mueller’s army of New York prosecutors had any concept of justice or fair play in mind for President Trump, the latest addition to Mueller’s Democrat attack squad should serve as a potent reminder.
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who the MSM is still lauding to the hilt – just as they did James Comey as he was going through his confirmation hearings for FBI Director – has just added probably THE most dangerous New York prosecutor to his ratpack of GetTrumpers, Andrew Weissmann.
According to Sidney Powell, who worked in the Justice Dept. for 10 years, and authored the book “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice”, Weismann led the elite Enron Task Force formed in 1991.
“The Task Force quickly devolved into a cabal that used mob tactics itself,” Powell said in a Newsmax article dated June 7th.
“It dealt the death penalty to the venerable accounting firm of Arthur Andersen LLP, which employed 85,000 people world-wide and represented approximately 2500 publicly-traded companies.”
Powell said that Weissmann will win a trial at any cost and characterized Weissmann’s Enron trial as:
“… a trial rife with prosecutorial misconduct. [Weissmann’s team] …. even coerced a guilty plea out of Andersen partner David Duncan.”
After finding out these facts, the judge allowed Mr. Duncan to withdraw his guilty plea.
Three years later, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously reversed the conviction of accounting firm Arthur Anderson. The justices agreed that it was:
“… shocking how little criminal culpability the jury instructions required.”
Andrew Weissman helped rewrite those jury instructions.
Weismann’s bullying tactics are well known. Weismann supervised the prosecution of four Merrill Lynch executives and:
“… often made multiple phone calls to lawyers for potential defense witnesses, threatening the indictment of anyone who might testify for the defense.”
To top that off, Weismann and team hid evidence that was favorable to the defense and hid it for six years while four Merrill executives served a year in prison.