July 31, 2017 Bill Still

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MSM Blacks Out Pakistani Congressional IT Scandal

Synopsis: Good afternoon, I’m Still reporting on the Pakistani IT invasion.
The major cable news networks have completely ignored the Pakistani Congressional IT Scandal paid for by Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
According to the Washington Free Beacon this morning:
“There has been no mention of Imran Awan or Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the past week on MSNBC or CNN programs.“
Later today two new possible images have emerged of Imran Awan – one a still photo said to have been taken either the day before Seth Rich’s death, or the day of, depending on which source you may have read.
If this is indeed Imran, and the date is correct, that would be quite inconvenient for the MSM’s line that Seth Rich’s murder is in no way connected to the DNC. You can decide for yourself whether this man is really this man with a beard added or not.
Reportedly CNN has announced that this photo is not of Imran and is from 2015 – a year before Seth Rich’s death. However, CNN’s reputation is in such a state that I’m likely to believe the opposite of anything they put out on a hot-potato political topic.
In any case, we need to know who every single one of these folks are. If you can identify any one of them, please let me know at:
However, even more likely is this video clip of Rep. Trey Gowdy with someone that certainly does look like Imran Awan falling asleep in the background. Notice what Gowdy’s topic is:
“… the hacking by foreign, hostile governments…. Wouldn’t you want the server?”
I’d say very high probability that that’s Imran Awan.
Also today, the first bigtime news magazine did a great article on the situation.
The National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy discovered some interesting details.
For example, the apparent basis of the charge upon which Awan was arrested by federal agents just before he was to board a flight to Pakistan from Dulles Airport 6 days ago was bank fraud.