December 20, 2017 Bill Still

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Moore Will Win In A Landslide

Synopsis: Good Dec. first morning, I’m still reporting on Roy Moore. A new poll conducted by Rick Shaftan of Atlantic Media Reserch shows Roy Moore has solidified his lead over leftist activist Doug Jones in the Alabama special election race to replace Jeff Sessions’ seat in the US Senate. According to Breitbart, the AMR poll shows that support for Jones has stagnated at 40%, while Moore is 5% of the independents to put him at 48%. In politics, a 10-point margin of victory is called a landslide, and it looks like Moore is increasing his lead, but accelerating as one-by-one, the stories of his accusers appear to be as fake as a Clinton 3-dollar bill. According to pollster Shaftan: “Republican Roy Moore is on his way to winning what could be a very substantial rebuke to his political enemies. Moore led by 48-40 in the weighted data, up from 43-40 last week. In the unweighted data, Moore’s lead shot up from 43-37 to 53-35 (55-35 with definite voters).” He summarized that it is highly unlikely that Jones has any chance at all of winning this election, despite the Democrats pouring millions of dollars into buying up huge blocks of Alabama TV time for their 10-day stretch run. Incredibly, these TV ads feature enthusiastic support for taxpayer-funded abortion, including partial birth abortion right up to the moment of birth. Political observers are scratching their heads wondering just who is driving these decisions. Apparently, the abortion crowd feels it’s do or die in this race. If Moore wins, abortion will suffer a defeat from which it may never recover.