October 19, 2017 Bill Still

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Merkle Wins Shaky Victory in Germany

Good morning, I’m Still reporting on the invasion. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was able to eek out a victory yesterday in the German federal elections for their federal parliament, the Bundestag. Although Merkel will get to serve her 4th 5-year term as Chancellor of Germany, it is difficult to see how she can put together a ruling leftist coalition because the only two parties which showed convincing voter gains were the two Republican-like parties, the pro-nationalist AfD (Alternative for Deutschland) and the pro-business FDP. On top of that, the vote counting in Berlin, a stronghold of the AfD, was still not in just before midnight, which is highly unusual for Germany. The Berliner Zeitung, reported at 23:23 hours: Hmmmm, how hard can the simple tabulation of a few million votes be for a top-of-the-line German server?