July 31, 2017 Bill Still

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McCain Was Leaker of POTUS Calls To World Leaders

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: McCain Was Leaker of POTUS Calls To World Leaders, 1727

Synopsis: According to the True Pundit, it was John McCain who was the leaker of President Trump’s classified phone calls with world leaders shortly after Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20th.
Unnamed White House officials said on Friday that they believe the Justice Department could prosecute McCain despite his recent brain tumor diagnosis.
According to the unnamed administration official:
“Justice is supposed to be blind. “We know he was a major leak and he should be prosecuted if evidence is found which we clearly believe is there.”
“No special consideration should be given to anyone who leaks classified information. There were far too many special exceptions like that during the Obama administration.”
“… the Justice Department doesn’t make exceptions for not prosecuting mob or cartel members suffering from health issues, so why should a U.S. senator prove an exception.”