October 20, 2017 Bill Still

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Marine Corps Colonel's High Tech Anti NFL Weapon

Yesterday morning on Fox and Friends, I had the TV on as I was working on my story about Nigel Farage and the German elections. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this rough, tough Marine. I turned up the sound. He was nervous to be on TV – probably the first time for him. He had this tough New Jersey accent. He was a retired Marine Corps Colonel who had written a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goddel a year ago, but it has just resurfaced again because it was so right on the spot with the current copy-cat protests by some millionaire football players. His name is Col. Jeffrey Powers. After I saw his 4-minute appearance, I walked in to tell Beth about it, but I was so moved, that I could hardly blurt it out. There is just something about this Colonel’s delivery that got me. [insert] So, in any case, Monday nights, and Sundays, here’s the freedom fighter’s new weapon of choice – the remote control. Boycott the NFL.