Low Voter Turnout in France

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Low Voter Turnout in France, 1611 

Low Voter Turnout in France


I’m still reporting on the French Presidential Election.


I hate to raise false hopes, but according to the French Interior Ministry, as of 5 pm local time, 11 am Eastern time, the voter turnout in the French presidential race was very low – 65.3%. This is lower than in the past 3 presidential elections.


Experts say that the only chance for Marine Le Pen to win at this point is to have a low voter turnout. A higher turnout was expected to favor Mr. Macron.


Polling stations start closing in France at 7pm – 1pm eastern. Some polls in the larger cities – like Paris, Marsailles and Bordeaux – stay open until 8 pm.


We should have an idea of the result by 9 pm French time or 3 pm eastern.


I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.