Why Did Lois Lerner Walk

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Why Did Lois Lerner Walk?

In another more lawful time, the Lois Lerner / John Kosekin IRS scandal would have been front-page news in the Washington Post for months on end. But during the lawless years of the Obama administration, the IRS scandal was dwarfed by not only the magnitude of the other scandals, but the sheer number of them – Benghazi – the Hillary Clinton emails which revealed not only thousands of felonies for security violations but pay-for-play and bribery that in some cases went into pure treason. You need go no further than the Russian Uranium One deal, as just one example. Then there is the still unfolding Debbie Wasserman Schultz scandal which may yet yield a treasonous pipeline for highly-classified information from Congressional intelligence committees out to enemies of the United States. And that’s not even to mention the alleged and ever-growing Clinton Crime Syndicate’s mysterious death’s list. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. This overarching fear of the Clintons has hung over the nation’s capitol like a seething, black cloud since they arrived in 1992 carrying this reputation with them from Arkansas. The most concise explanation of what happened in the IRS scandal was tucked into the weekly Judicial Watch update. To summarize, nothing will be done because the Jim Comey FBI, and the Lorretta Lynch InJustice Department to illegally conspire with the IRS to have them give them one million records on Americans’ so they could go after people on Obama/Clinton yet-to-be revealed enemies list, to try to suppress anti-Clinton votes during the election season.