October 16, 2017 Bill Still

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Laura Ingraham Gets 10pm Slot at Fox

Fox News is shuffling their primetime lineup again. Former President Ronald Reagan speechwriter, Laura Ingraham, gets her own show to air in Hannity’s 10pm slot and Hannity moves up to 9pm, immediately following Tucker Carlson at 8. The Five drops back to its original position at 5 pm, having failed to attract the more hard-core Fox audience at 9. “The Specialists” – Eric Bolling’s creation – has been cancelled after Bolling was dropped from the network as a result of sexual allegations from a decade ago. Fox chief, Rupert Murdoch, was anxious to axe Bolling in order to buttress his troublesome attempt to buy Britain’s Sky network. Two weeks ago, Murdoch shut off the Fox News feed over the Sky Network to all of Great Britain in a desperate attempt to distance himself from the largest provider of conservative television news content. Well, it didn’t work. Yesterday, Murdoch’s proposed 15.5 billion-dollar deal for Sky has been referred to the Competition and Markets Authority – the agency that tries to prevent monopolies from forming. The referral will be on the grounds of broadcasting standards, and that means there will be increasing pressure from the Murdochs on the more hard-hitting Fox News shows, such as Hannity and Tucker Carlson.