June 26, 2017 Bill Still

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Karen Handel Crushes Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th

Synopsis: Former Georgia Secretary of State, Karen Handel has won a crushing 3.8% come-from-behing victory over a 30-year-old Democrat without political qualifications, who didn’t even live in the district - Jon Ossoff - in the final special election of the year.

Desperate Dems shoveled at least 23.6 million dollars into the Ossoff campaign – as of his May 31 filing with the Federal Election Commission - in an attempt to win at least one of the years 5 special elections so they could say that Trump’s support around the nation was fading, but just the reverse was proven to be true.

Not counting any of Ossoff’s contributions in the last 3 weeks of the campaign, he spent 22.5 million dollars to win 124,893 votes – or $180.15 per vote. However, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution analysis showed that just 3.5% of Ossoff’s donations came from Georgia. The vast majority of the rest came from California.

This morning, the new Congressperson from Georgia’s 6th District is Karen Handel. She spent nearly $4.5 million on the race – according to her FEC reporting on May 31 – or $33.45 per vote.

The race was the most expensive Congressional race in U.S. history. Typically a race for a seat in Congress will cost under $2 million. A Senate race will now cost over $10 million.

Experts believe that when all costs are tallied for the Georgia 6th special election, the total cost for both candidates will exceed $50 million.

But again, after all the money was spent this election came down to factors that befuddled the pollsters once again.

Again, the Trump Monster Vote, combined with the hand of God turned this election around. After the April 18, first election to whittle the candidates down to just 2 opponents, Handle trailed Ossoff by over 28 points.

In the final round, which concluded last night, Ossoff held a substantial lead in the early voting of nearly 10,000 votes. But on election day, when the Monster vote came out to strike a blow for freedom, Handel won it by nearly 20,000 votes.