November 28, 2017 Bill Still

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Judge Moore’s Letter to Sean Hannity

:As the recent accusations against Judge Roy Moore begin to fall apart, Moore published an open letter to Fox show host Sean Hannity late yesterday. Although I did not see this letter until today, it comports with the tone of my report of last night, #1889 as far as we cannot allow voters to be driven by a carefully-constructed media attack of totally false allegations based on flimsy – and in this case, bogus – here-say evidence to disqualify a political candidate a few weeks before an election. This coordinated media attack, specifically designed to create a lynch-mob mentality, was tried – in spades – on candidate Trump – and it eventually failed miserably – though it took days to weeks to run its course. In the case of Judge Moore there is no credible evidence backing any of the allegations – only one obviously-forged document and a growing number of recanted and non-trustworthy allegations amidst evidence of bribery for which criminal prosecutions may yet result. Moore’s letter to Hannity is crisp and to the point. I cannot understand why Hannity did not read his letter in full on his show last night. “Dear Sean: I am suffering the same treatment other Republicans have had to endure. A month prior to the general election for U.S. Senate in Alabama, I have been attacked by the Washington Post and other liberal media in a desperate attempt to smear my character and defeat my campaign. Over the last 40 years I have held several public offices, including deputy district attorney, circuit judge, and chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. In addition to running five state wide and three County campaigns for public office, I have been involved in major controversies that attracted national attention, one about the 10 Commandments and the other the sanctity of marriage. The Alabama judicial inquiry commission, cou rts of the Judiciary, and Atty. Gen. have investigated, scrutinized, examined, and vetted me, not to mention every opposing candidate against whom I have run. I’ve been married for almost 33 years to my wife Kayla. We have four children and five granddaughters.