May 23, 2017 Bill Still

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Judge Jeanine on Trump’s Saudi Gamble

One of the most important questions in the history of the United States is currently on the table for debate. Can Muslims reject the teachings of Islam – that is the teachings of the Koran?

President Trump apparently believes that they can – or, at least, he is allowing himself to believe it in order to forge this grand alliance against the Iranians. It’s certainly Trump’s biggest gamble to date, but there may be no alternative.

Tonight and tomorrow, we’ll hear from those who generally believe such a rejection by Muslims is possible.
On Wednesday, I’ll be interviewing a reformed Islamist – reformed to Christianity.

Here is the problem, if Muslims cannot push the radicals out of the U.S., eventually, they will surely take over the nation simply by population growth, and destroy Constitutional law and replacing it with their form of law.

Neither option is good, but we have to decide soon or the decision will be made for us.