Judge Jeanine – They Are Dancing With the Devil

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SR 1353 – Apple To Start Moving iPhone Production To USA

So, we are asking you, our faithful viewers, to go to www.billstill.com. Then scroll down to the bottom of this first screen and subscribe for whatever you are comfortable with. Equally good is to give via Patreon. Go to Patreon.com, then type in Bill Still. Look for me recording in Germany in the snow, and Molly in the bottom right. And we do take Bitcoin. See the address in the description box below this video window: 15WuQeDMYgpzFq4d6b16hzvXiphTU96dkm 99999 Judge Jeanine is super inflamed about the Clinton Cabal, now that we’ve seen that all our worst suspicions have come true in spades. This is no longer a Justice Department, now. It has become — well – something I just can’t say for a number of reasons – and the only way to fix it is to rout out at least some of the main players. Ya know, just by the fact that I can’t speak my mind freely should tell freedom lovers everywhere something about the gravity of the ongoing situation here in the United States. [insert]