Judge Jeanine Blasts Jeff Sessions

November 28, 2017 Bill Still

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Judge Jeanine Blasts Jeff Sessions

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Judge Jeanine Blasts Jeff Sessions, 1894 Synopsis: Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted the Clintons and their Uranium One deal, but mostly from the aspect of why hasn’t the Attorney General done something about it all. [insert : up to “you should now.”] This is the second time in a week that I have not agreed completely with Judge Jeanine. The first time was when she came out against Judge Roy Moore. I think Judge Pirro just got swept up in a tidal wave of opinion when the herd – led by Mitch McConnell – turned on Judge Moore. At this point, the evidence is clear that Judge Moore has been vindicated. But this second difference of opinion puts me out on an even more tenuous limb. This opinion will be counter to what most of you believe. I watched the entire Sessions appearance before the House Judiciary committee this week up until their break for a vote and lunch. I saw all the clips she just used of the various congress-folk – all good people, interrogating Sessions - and although I know I could easily be wrong, I’m thinking – hoping – that Sessions has this under control. I sympathize with Sessions because he is – like myself – not a good extemporaneous speaker when under any sort of pressure. [insert: “I don’t know what the problem is … to “Why isn’t this in front of a grand jury?] Your Honor, with respect - but how do you know that it is not in front of a grand jury? Grand juries are typically conducted in secret.bb What if we are just so used to having a Justice Department which does everything wrong, that we aren’t being patient enough when things are being done right. There are rumors out there that 842 sealed indictments were issued by the Justice Department between Oct. 30 through November 10th. Of those, 323 are in California – yup, that’s a whopping 38%. If you throw in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia – where over 90% of the swamp-dwelling lobbyists live, that’s an additional 15% of the total. If you throw in the New York City area and the Philadelphia area, that’s another 138 sealed indictments, or 16% of the total. So, those 4 areas would represent 70% of these rumored indictments.


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