November 29, 2017 Bill Still

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Jack Ruby Knew When and Where JFK Would be Shot!

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Jack Ruby Knew When and Where JFK Would be Shot!, 1901 Synopsis: In just hours we come upon one of the saddest annual occasions on the American calendar – tomorrow, the 54th anniversary of the public assassination of President Kennedy. I say “public” assassination because the when and where of the assassination was not dependent on the whims of the discredited lone gunman theory. It was known perhaps by dozens of insiders at the dark overlap where the mafia and the CIA meet. George W. Bush, who would run the CIA 13 years later, was on the steps of the Texas Book Depository on that fateful morning. But thanks to the recent release of thousands of additional pages regarding the JFK files, we now know that Jack Ruby was part of that insiders group. On the morning of the Kennedy Assassination, Jack Ruby asked an FBI informant by the name of Bob Vanderslice, if he would like to come on down to the lawn of the Texas Schoolbook Depository to “watch the fireworks”. For the last half century, Ruby has been portrayed as having become so distraught over the assassination that he basically lost his mind and charged the patsy – Oswald – inside police headquarters and shot and killed him. Now we know for an iron-clad fact for the very first time that this scenario is as bogus as a Clinton 3-dollar bill. The truth is that the Deep State of that day had something on Ruby that was so damaging that they could arm-twist him into publicly killing the patsy, knowing he couldn’t get away with it, and knowing he would spend a good portion of the rest of his life in jail. In other words, Ruby would be a patsy on top of a patsy.