October 16, 2017 Bill Still

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Imran Awan Hid Secret Server From Capitol Cops

When the secret history of the last 25 years is written our children will be astonished at the foolishness of their parents – that would be us - to have allowed all this to happen. According to investigative reporter Luke Rosiak, writing in the Daily Caller, the ongoing revelations surrounding the investigation of Imran Awan, the IT guy of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, have now expanded into a full-blown espionage investigation. Apparently, Awan was dumping every scrap of classified intelligence information that he could get his hands on from the Democrat members of the House Intelligence Committee and elsewhere into an illegal Dropbox account – an account that any foreign intelligence service could peruse and purchase from if Awan gave them access. That is why such Dropbox accounts are prohibited in Congressional Offices. To get around this prohibition, Awan set up a secret private server – hmmm, where have we heard that term before??? - that was connected directly to the House Democratic Caucus. Via this route, Awan had admin access to all emails and office computers of 45 members of Congress – even after Capital Police pulled his credentials and tried to shut off his access. According to the Daily Caller, data was taken from this secret server and transferred to Awan’s Dropbox account to which investigators may still not have access because it was a private account. In the spring of 2016, House IT administrators discovered that the Awans were allegedly falsifying purchase orders – that is, stealing from the government. As the investigators were following the money trail, they discovered the secret server. When they asked for an image of this server to check it out, according to a senior official involved in the investigation who spoke with the Daily Caller: “We asked for an image of the server, and they deliberately turned over a fake [image].” “They were using the House Democratic Caucus as their central service warehouse … It was a breach. The data was completely out of [the members’] possession. Does it mean it was sold to the Russians? I don’t know.”